You Can Sell Nathan's Hot Dogs and Sausage Products

Way back in 1916, two Polish immigrants named Nathan and Ida Handwerker worked together in a New York beach resort called Coney Island. They met and they married. On the advice of two singing waiters (Jimmy Durante and Eddie Cantor), the young couple used their life savings to open their very own frankfurter stand, using Ida’s grandmother’s secret spice recipe. And the hot dog was born. The country’s newest taste sensation was sold for a nickel--half the price of the competition! In the 100 years since Nathan’s opened, the brand has gained worldwide recognition for the unparalleled quality and taste of its products. Nathan’s popularity was almost instantaneous. Politicians, show-business personalities, and sports icons are often seen and photographed munching Nathan’s hot dogs. In the earliest days, in 1939, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt entertained King George and Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, he figured the best way to give them a taste of America was to serve them Nathan’s Hot Dogs.

Today, there are new generations of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog lovers. Nathan’s is renowned for being among the highest quality hot dogs in the world. Nathan’s products are sold and enjoyed in all 50 states and featured at over 40,000 foodservice and retail destinations.

Our Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Programs

The Nathan’s Famous brand is a wonderful, highly recognized and valued brand worldwide. The Nathan’s signature item is our World Famous Beef Hot Dog, made today with the very same secret spice recipe as it was back in 1916. By featuring the Nathan’s brand and products on your menu, you are ultimately telling your customers that you are serving the best-selling beef frank, and one of the most respected and highest quality hot dogs available.

We know from the brand’s tremendous success that purchasing and prominently featuring Nathan’s products will help to enhance your food service offerings. Many of our partners, such as Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Regal Theatres, Racetrac, among hundreds of others have experienced significant growth with the Nathan’s brand.