Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are some of the major companies or chains using Nathan's products?

Today, you can find Nathan’s products being served in our own restaurants, and enjoyed in all 50 states at over 40,000 foodservice and retail destinations. Some of the larger companies using our products include: Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, the New York Yankees, the New York Mets, the Dallas Cowboys, Auntie Anne’s, various Stadiums, Theme Parks and Theaters.

2. Are there any fees or royalties involved in the Branded Food Service Program?

Under the Hot Dog Program there are no fees or royalties.

3. Where do I get products for the program?

We have relationships with most of the major distributors in the country. Our key distributors are Sysco, US Foodservice, McLane, Reinhart, PFG and Vistar.

4. Can I use Nathan's signs and logos to promote the products I sell?

If you are selling Nathan’s Franks, you can use the name on your menu or menuboard, along with point of purchase materials provided by the Company. Any other custom designed materials must be approved by the Company.

5. Do I have to buy my equipment from Nathan's and what will it cost?

Nathan’s has developed certain branded equipment to be used in the Hot Dog Program. The roller grills, steamers and bun warmers all have Nathan’s identification that will help promote the product. This equipment is available through Nathan’s suppliers. A price list is included in our brochure. You do not have to use branded equipment in the Hot Dog Program, however it will help promote the product.

6. How do I get Marketing Materials to promote the Nathan's Products I am selling?

You can contact our offices in New York, and we will be glad to provide you the materials you need. We also have Brokers and Distributors throughout the country who can supply you with these materials. For a list of Brokers and Distributors please call us at 516-338-8500, ext. 262.

7. Can I co-brand the Nathan's Program with my existing operation?

We are about as good a co-branding partner as you can find. Ours is a simple operation that can work with almost any other food service operation. We are a natural fit for any single product concepts such as ice cream and custard shops or operations such as pizza or sub shops.

8. I'm interested, how do I get started?

If you are interested in selling Nathan's Hot Dogs, Go To our Get Started Page and contact your local broker or just call us at 516-338-8500, ext. 262.